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“Home” is more a feeling than a word. We had that in mind when we decided on our Resort’s motto – “Blue Waves Resort – Your home on the beach”. Home is a feeling, a feeling of safety. Has there been a better time to offer, among all other things that we are offering, the feeling of safety to our guests?

Our total of 97 rooms separated into three buildings, two floors restaurant facility, spacious three level terrace, have always been our advantages on the hospitality market, but in these times, those are also our safety advantages. We really are a facility that you can feel safe and relaxed in, in the uncertainty of time.

With the efficient and timely measurements brought by the Croatian Government and Croatian Institute of Public Health, with the support of Croatian people, we are going through this global pandemic caused by the coronavirus very successfully, so that we have a strong feeling of optimism, while still being very cautious and responsible.

Covid 19

What made us the happiest was the reopening of our Resort in June 2020.
Although the season 2020 was the most challenging so far, at the same time the atmosphere of togetherness and work ethic of our entire team was fantastic. It is indeed true that the best are expressed in the most difficult times!
This was recognized by our guests, who more often than ever before, had the need to share with us their positive impressions of our service and the safe feeling during their stay at the Blue Waves Resort.

The safety and the health of our guests, employees and partners is, and always has been, our top priority.
Taking special care of cleanliness and hygiene is something that we have always been very proud of, but now we took it to the next level. We trained and educated all our staff to carry out appropriate preventive procedures. We, also, elevated our already high standard practices regarding food handling and have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all rooms and surfaces in the buildings, especially in public spaces, focusing on high-touch surfaces.

Being a part of someone’s beautiful holiday memories is all that one hotelier can hope for
. And now, when we realized how many of you wanted to be our guests this summer, even in these completely new life circumstances – we are bursting with joy!

Prices for season 2021 are live online and we are very happy with the fact that reservations have already started to arrive.

See you in the spring!

Blue Waves Resort Team

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