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Do you enjoy cycling? You are not alone! Cycling is a very popular and healthy activity and a considerable number of bike trails are always a delight for the bike enthusiast.

Apart from the areas along the coast, some paths intersect, and others lead partly inland as does the pleasant roads from Malinska to Krk town. Alongside the cycling trails on the island, you will see marked cultural and historical monuments, which is a great opportunity to get to know the natural and historical heritage together. Except for the cycling pats, you can use most of the pathways on the island which together, extends to around 300 kilometers! Evidence of the popularity and well-maintained bike trails of Krk Island encourages a growing number of participants to join in events such as “Wheels in spring” and “I love autumn – Bodul bike” which further promotes healthy, recreational cycling.

For true cycling enthusiasts, there is an app that you can download called simply “Krk Bike”, that will assist you in finding the best routs for you.

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