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Vacation is so much more than just staying at the hotel, enjoying hotel perks such as swimming pools, wellness, delicious food. To help you plan some of your daily activities we have selected a few places we think you might enjoy visiting. On Krk Island, there are natural, cultural, historical and religious sights.

Learn about old Glagolitic script, preserved on Baska tablet in Jurandvor, see how locals used to live in the past in Etno House in Vrbnik, find out what story is hidden in Biserujka Cave (and maybe a treasure as well). All sights are marked on the map and you will find them easily on your own, by foot, bike or car.

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Baška tablet
Be sure to visit one of the most significant monuments of Croatian…
GPS: 44.977298, 14.738212
Gallery of St Nicholas
The Gallery of St Nicholas is in Church of St Nicholas on…
GPS: 45.12407, 14.528469
The Old House of Vrbnik
Have you wondered how the lives of the local island people looked…
GPS: 45.077335, 14.674961
The Parish Chruch of St Apollinaris
The parish church of St Apollinaris is in the village of Bogovići,…
GPS: 45.118156, 14.526736
The Franciscan Monastery of the Third Order
The Venetian government awarded the church to the Franciscan Friars of the…
GPS: 45.123497, 14.493563
Church of St Kvirin
The church of St Kvirin is an example of the Romanesque sacral…
GPS: 45.025689, 14.575528
Biserujka cave
Discover the hidden jewel of natural beauty situated in the northern part…
GPS: 45.187633, 14.609796
Aquarium Terrarium Krk
The aquarium is in a 380 square meters large space. 19 aquariums…
GPS: 45.026569, 14.57353
Ornithological Reserve Kuntrep
On the southeastern coast of the island of Krk, the ornithological reserve…
GPS: 45.022954, 14.748308
Kamplin Square with Frankopan castle and square tower
The Frankopan castle in one of the greatest historical testimonies of Krk’s…
GPS: 45.025957, 14.576434
Kosljun Island
The islet of Kosljun was inhabited in ancient times when a fortified…
GPS: 45.02655, 14.618049
Archaeological Site Cickini
The Church Complex is located in Cickini forest, a 15 min. walk…
GPS: 45.12607, 14.551885