Days of Žlahtina wine

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Days of Žlahtina wine


Žlahtina is an indigenous variety of white wine, present almost exclusively on the island of Krk, in a field belonging to the town of Vrbnik.

That location has a specific micro-climate, a unique mix of Mediterranean and Alpine climate that helps the grapes achieve the highest quality possible. The name ”Žlahtina” comes from the Slavic adjective “žlahten” which can be translated to precious, noble. This wine is usually made to be consumed young, in the first year, because of its lightness and freshness.

In July there is a three- day Žlahtina festival in Vrbnik. It consists of Days of Open Cellars and celebration of the traditional holiday Razgon (a shepherds’ custom from ancient times, celebrating the termination of the period of sheep milking). The cellars can also be visited by a small wine train.

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