Island Krk: Your Family’s Perfect Escape Just Around the Corner!

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Island Krk: Your Family’s Perfect Escape Just Around the Corner!

If you’re on the lookout for a dreamy family vacation that won’t have you dealing with jet lag or endless travel with children going wild on the back seat, look no further than the sun-kissed island of Krk in Croatia! Why? Well, let us give you all the reasons why, and by the end of this read, you might find yourself reaching for that “BOOK NOW” button at Blue Waves Resort!


Close to Home, Far from Ordinary:

Picture this: Malinska, little town where the Adriatic Sea sparkles, the sun kisses your cheeks, and the worries of the world feel miles away. Guess what? This location is practically at your doorstep! No marathon flights, no grumpy kids – just pack your bags, load up the car, and voilà, you’ve arrived in paradise.
We are located in the western part of the Croatia, only 50 km away from the Slovenia/Italy border. After you cross the border a 40 minute car ride brings you to the Krk bridge, that connects us with mainland. Once you cross it – without any tolls – it takes you just 15 minutes to reach Malinska, where Blue Waves Resort is your summer vacation goal! 🙂

Bye-Bye Travel Hassles, Hello Relaxation:

Who needs the stress of several airports and long-haul flights when you can have your toes covered in the pebbels in no time? Island Krk is the antidote to travel headaches. Even if you opt for airplane ride instead of the car ride, there is the airport “Rijeka” (RJK) ON THE island that is connected to several central European cities like Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg or Vienna. And the flight just might take shorter than your ride home from work on a Friday afternoon! 🙂


Blue Waves Resort: Where Every Family Dream Comes True:

Now, let’s talk about the cherry on top – Blue Waves Resort. This gem on the shores of Krk isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s a family paradise. Spacious family rooms? Check. Kid-friendly amenities? Double check. And did we mention the pool area that’ll have your little ones splashing with joy? Park your car in the parking lot or garage and forget about it. Blue Waves Resort is literally ON a beautiful pebbel beach with a restaurant opened for whenever you need quick bite in between swims. Once you park the car and check in, everything you need is before you.

The staff at Blue Waves Resort knows how to make families feel special. The warm welcomes, the cozy family rooms, and the attention to detail – it might feel like we read your mind on what a perfect family vacation should be.

Proximity Means More Playtime:

Let’s face it – the less time you spend getting there, the more time you have for making memories. With island Krk being a hop, skip, and a jump away, you’ll have more hours for sandcastle-building, ice cream indulging, and those spontaneous family adventures.

So, dear families, if you’re after a stress-free, sun-soaked getaway that won’t break the bank on travel time, Blue Waves Resort on island Krk is calling your name. We are ready to be your family’s island home – where proximity meets paradise, and every moment is a treasure.
Pack those bags and get ready for a family vacation that’s as easy as it is unforgettable!







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