Recovery in Malinska with Wellness and active relaxation

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Recovery in Malinska with Wellness and active relaxation

Summer is the time of the year when we can recover from the cold winter and the unstable spring and prepare for the autumn that is ahead of us. For many people, this is also a time of rest, the escape from the hectic and stressful everyday life and it offers us the opportunity to restore the balance between mind and body. While some may require a change of location and at least a temporary separation of modern technological equipment, others will seek relaxation in various activities or take the opportunity to devote themselves to their own body and mind. Malinska on the island of Krk is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to relax because the place with its tourist offer meets the needs of all guests – from families with children to active holiday lovers.

Relaxation with wellness
Blue Waves Resort offers rich spa offers to guests who want to dedicate themselves to the care of their body on holiday. With a fitness center, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and saunas, everyone can find their oasis of peace and relaxation. Parents with children can also indulge in moments for themselves, as there are entertainment programs in addition to the playground and the small and large swimming pool. So every family member can enjoy his vacation undisturbed. The wellness offer also includes various beauty treatments and massages. Treat yourself to a partial body massage or a full body massage with oils of various effects if you want to be tense free. Learn how the soothing effects of the wellness program complete your vacation – your body will be grateful.

Active relaxation
Take the feeling of complete relaxation to the beach. Get comfortable on a deck chair in the shade of the pine forest and enjoy a stress-free holiday in the shallow water with a good book, music or carefree games with your children. In the vicinity of the hotel, there are also various boats available, from paddle boats to canoes, where you can move away from the coast with light movements and enjoy the view from the sea to the mainland. If you rent a boat, you can also go further and discover the small nearby bays. In addition to water activities, Malinska also offers various land activities, for those visitors who prefer an active holiday.

The island of Krk is well-known for its numerous hiking and biking trails, which allow visitors not only to be active but also to get to know the landscape of the place where they spend their holidays. A walk along the coast with the family – just before sunset – gives you the feeling of fulfillment. Cycling through Malinska and the surrounding area gives you the good feeling of being physically active and at the same time you can be inspired by the beautiful landscape. Divers and those who attend the diving lessons can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the underwater world.

Inspiration for the return to everyday life
The place that visitors choose for their holidays not only gives them the opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday life but also to gain positive experiences that can help them return to their everyday lives. Malinska on the island of Krk is a charming place surrounded by greenery and crystal clear sea, which, thanks to its rich wellness offer and various activities, allows visitors to relax as much as they like during their holiday.

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