Gastronomy of the Island Krk

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Gastronomy of the Island Krk

The cuisine on the island of Krk is based on olive oil, local food and traditional recipes. Meals are dominated by aromatic herbs and spices. In the typical taverns, the so-called konoba, and the restaurants you will find a rich offer of olive oils, homemade cheeses and pršut, fish specialties and seafood. Indigenous local specialties – such as the so-called Šurlice (noodles) with žgvacet (meat goulash), lamb sauce or shrimp sauce, grilled lamb or peak-style (a typical cast-iron saucepan for cooking on the open) – or sweet desserts. The wine that you absolutely must taste, comes from the island: the Vrbnička žlahtina.

Irresistible liquid gold

Olive oil is one of the island’s best-known products. The geographical location and the climate, which is predominantly Mediterranean, but still under a strong influence of the continental climate, determine the vegetation of the island and the olives, which taste unique and are of high quality. Krk’s native olive oil is a perfect ingredient for salads and fish dishes. The fruity taste of olive oil alone will make you want to drink it as pure medicine.


An excellent appetizer is a prerequisite for a well-rounded meal. Here, Krk sheep’s cheese is an excellent choice. It is an authentic type of cheese from the island of Krk, which is one of the hard full-fat cheeses and stands out for its taste and quality. Over the years, thanks to the hard work, long experience, and creativity of the farmers, new cheese products have emerged that have contributed to the wide range of hard cheeses and enriched the variety of tastes. In addition to the sheep’s cheese, you must try Kaštradina, a traditional cured meat product made from pressed and air-dried sheep’s leg. Try Kaštradina as a side dish to a variety of dishes or to a meat stew.

Main dishes

Gourmets can taste many regional specialties or dishes directly from the island. These include the so-called Žgvacet, a meat goulash from the leg of lamb, which is traditionally served with Šurlice. Indulge your palate with the local lamb with a special aromatic taste. Šurlice are traditional noodles of the island of Krk, which are formed by hand around a knitting needle. You should definitely try some of the specialties with these homemade noodles. If you are a meat lover, you must try the lamb dishes. The lamb of Krk is characterized by special quality. This is due to the many aromatic Mediterranean herbs that thrive in the pastures and give the meat a unique taste. Lamb dishes are mostly grilled or prepared in a pecan way.


After a long day at the beach, ice cream is an excellent, refreshing dessert – but ice cream can be found all over the world. Why not try a traditional dessert, such as Smokvenjak? This is an almost forgotten sweet that our ancestors used to indulge long ago, most on holidays and feast days. Smokvenjak is a combination of Mediterranean flavors, with the main ingredients being figs (in Croatian, Smokva means figs). You should not miss Presnac, a cake that is traditionally offered on the coast and on the islands of Kvarner Bay. This sweet dish is made from puff pastry stuffed with fresh sheep cheese and grapes.

Poetry in the bottle

Vrbnička žlahtina is a high quality dry white wine made from the indigenous wine sort Žlahtina bijela. This sort is so special because it thrives only in the vineyards of the island of Krk or in the village Vrbničko polje near the small town Vrbnik. The name Žlahtina has its roots in the old Slavic adjective žlahten, which means “noble”. The color of the wine is pale yellow to straw yellow. It has a fine aroma and a characteristic taste. The freshness, which is the result of the harsh climate to which this vine has adapted, is a characteristic of the North Adriatic and the island.

First-class dining experience

If you have the opportunity, you must visit some of the gastronomic events on the island of Krk, such as the Fešta od sira (Cheese Festival) in Malinska on the last weekend in May, the Krk Wine Festival in early June or the two-day “Wine Days”, which are not to be missed and take place in the small town of Vrbnik on the last weekend of August. Vrbnik is also known for its autochthonous wine Žlahtina. To refine your holiday with the traditional cuisine and enjoy the smells and the taste of the homemade specialties and the noble wine of the island of Krk.

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