Activities and all-day trips in Malinska and on Island of Krk

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Activities and all-day trips in Malinska and on Island of Krk

Malinska is a picturesque place on the western side of the island of Krk. Thanks to its geographical position, climatic conditions and rich tourist offer with many activities and excursions, it is an ideal holiday destination for families with children as well as those looking for an active holiday.

Hiking and cycling

More than 50 kilometers of trails in and around Malinska are part of a wide network of hiking trails on the island of Krk. Walking along the coast you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, visit some of the sights and visit nearby places like Njivice or even venturing through the interior of the island to the town of Krk. Cyclists have access to the vast majority of trails and can also test how fit they are by taking part in various cycling races that take place throughout the year.

Extensive sports offer

Any sports and active holiday lover can find something to suit their taste in Malinska. In addition to fun with watercraft such as paddleboats, kayaks, and canoes, those who love adrenaline can also enjoy parasailing and water motorcycling in the water. Those who want to explore the underwater world on a diving tour can enroll in advance in one of the diving schools on the Island of Krk. Sailing lessons are also available to visitors who prefer to stay at the sea surface.


One-day excursions enrich the overall holiday experience and the range of activities in Malinska will delight any visitor. The rich cultural heritage can be explored across Krk, from Omišalj to Baška and from the town of Krk to Vrbnik. It is also worth visiting the town of Rijeka, the cultural and economic center of the region and one of the most important port cities on the Adriatic, as well as the most visited national park in Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes. If you want to explore the natural beauties, visitors can visit the nearby island of Cres or take a panoramic drive to the Krk Bridge. There you can enjoy the underwater world in a watercraft with a transparent floor or windows under the sea surface. You can also hire a boat or sailboat to independently dictate the course and visit the beautiful, often hidden coves of the island.

Entertainment and culture

In summer, various entertainment and cultural programs are organized in Malinska, bringing tourists and visitors closer to the region’s heritage and traditions. The most well-known events are Festival of St. Apollinaris (patron saint of the place, celebrated on July 23), Night of olive growers (end of July), Cultural Summer in Malinska (lasts all summer) and Kvarner Regatta in September. The folklore, the melos and the celebrations of the events held in Malinska in summer mark the rich historical, cultural and traditional heritage of the place. For nightlife lovers, concerts and other similar entertainment programs are organized.

Activities for everyone

Malinska on the island of Krk is a beautiful tourist place, offering visitors a great holiday full of activities. Malinska is located in a beautiful bay on the western side of the island and is, therefore, an excellent starting point for those who want to visit the surrounding islands and destinations in the region. With many excursion options, numerous sports, and recreational activities, and rich cultural programs and entertainment programs, holidaying in Malinska will meet the expectations of every visitor.

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